Aluminium hook with 3 adjustment positions for the installation of photovoltaic systems on tiled roofs with ventilation strips of variable thickness. Horizontally-offsettable fastening point.

GTA 3 aluminium hook for tiles and strips

GTA 3 is an aluminium hook for building photovoltaic system structures on tiled roofs with ventilation strips of variable thickness. The upper adjustment position allows you to adjust the distance of the rail from the top of the tile, while the lower adjustment position allows you to adapt the hook to different tile and ventilation strip thicknesses. The horizontal adjustment at the base of the hook allows the fastening point to be offset from the roof with respect to the exit point of the hook from the tile. The GTA 3 hook is equipped with a quick coupling joint for connecting the hook to the rail in seconds and without the need for additional bolts; compatible with SolarLight and SolarFish rails. The shape of the hook is designed to withstand the snow and wind loads required by law without touching the tile.
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