PowerFast II

The chipboard screw for fast and flexible applications.

PowerFast II

Product highlights

  1. The three ribs on the tip, ensure a quick bite and pre-drilling. For a fast bite and reduced splitting.
  2. The special underhead geometry with optimized double cone and milling pockets ensure less cracking in timber and less damage to metal components.
    For better finished surfaces.
  3. The increased thread pitch significantly reduces the installation time. For fast assembly.
  4. The shank-miller in combination with the core-miller geometry is designed to reduce the installation torque. This means that more screws can be installed with the same battery and less effort.
  5. The innovative core-miller geometry enables precise milling and perfect swarf removal. This makes small edge and spacing distances possible.
  6. The new Power-Fast II with its unique screw geometry combines the highest technical know-how with excellent design.


Your advantages at a glance

Smooth installation:
The Power-Fast II with high performance wax coating reduces screw-in torque and allows smooth installation.
Easy and comfortable installation:
The screw geometry of the new Power-Fast II enables fast applications. Installation is easy, comfortable and flexible.
Reduced splitting behavior:
The chipboard screw has significantly reduced splitting behavior in comparison with standard chipboard screws.
Environmentally friendly:
The blue passivated zinc plating does not contain chrome VI and is therefore environmentally friendly.
Reduction of bit changes:
The new recess sizes reduce the number of bit changes in the range from D3-D6 to only 2 changes (D3,0 -> D3,5 & D5,0 -> D6,0).


Applications in plug

  • The new PowerFast II is suitable for use with fischer plugs (E.g DuoPower and UX) and recommended loads.

  • This offers flexible application in the plug with high load-bearing capacities.

  • No special screws are required.

  • Safe and secure with fischer plugs.

Applications wood in wood

  • The new screw geometry provides the perfect solution, no matter if hard or soft wood.
  • For use in load-bearing wooden constructions, for the connection of solid wood parts (soft wood and hard wood) as well as glued laminated timber, cross laminated timber, veneer laminated timber, similar glued wood components and woodbased panels.

Applications metal on wood

  • For metal parts to wood, e.g. metal fittings, angles, beam shoes and other metal and wood connections.
  • The ideal solution for a clean surface finish without damage.

Awarded several times!

Outstanding: The Power-Fast II chipboard screw combines technological know-how with high design quality. It is the winner of the German Design Award 2020 and the Red Dot Design Award 2020.