UltraCut FBS II

The high-performance concrete screw for absolute installation ease.

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fischer concrete screw UltraCut FBS II 6 zinc-plated steel with diameter 6

The fischer concrete screw UltraCut FBS II 6 zinc-plated steel with diameter 6 offers with its unique saw tooth geometry a quick and easy installation. It cuts deep into the concrete and enables maximum load bearing capacity. 
The concrete screw assortment of the diameter 6 versions consists of the following head designs:  hexagonal head, panhead/large panhead, countersunk head and with connection sleeve / hanger bolt. The UltraCut FBS II 6 is perfectly designed for applications like fixings of pipe routes, channel systems, ventilation ducts and facilities in the building service engineering.

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fischer concrete screw UltraCut FBS II gvz (diameter 8-14) and R (diameter 8-12)

The fischer concrete screw UltraCut FBS II with its three different coating types – zinc-plated steel (diameter 8-14), stainless steel (diameter 8-12) and FBS II CP with the special coating (diameter 8-14) –  is a powerful anchoring solution with top installation comfort. The saw tooth geometry enables a quick and easy installation. The concrete screw is ideal for the fixing of railings, cantilevers, and shelving systems. In zinc-plated steel for the inside area, as well as the stainless steel version with the special hardened red tip for outdoor applications. The innovative surface coating of the CP version guarantees an additional corrosion protection (salt spray chamber mist test over 2000h). The assortment is offered with different head shapes: with a countersunk head, Torx-drive and hexagonal head, and with or without a torque drive (only for zinc-plated steel) as desired.

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Neu für den Holzbau! UltraCut FBS II mit Justierscheibe FSW

Die fischer Betonschrauben UltraCut FBS II wird noch leistungsfähiger und flexibler. Ab sofort führt fischer die Betonschrauben UltraCut FBS II mit großen Nutzlängen und der neuen Justierscheibe FSW zur Befestigung von Holzkonstruktionen, Holzschwellen, Befestigungen auf WDVS oder Holzfassadenkonstruktionen ein. 

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