Wall holder for ventilated rainscreen façades.

Wall holders

The wall holders are an essential part of the façade subframe for ventilated rainscreen façades. They are fixed to the building substrate with fischer fixings (such as frame fixings SXRL) and transfer the loads of the façade. The assortment offers the right solution for every application. In addition to the standard L-wall holders, there are, for example, special products for optimised structural-physical efficiency or also for the renovation of façades. To reduce thermal bridges, the wall holders can also be fitted with thermostops. To enable all common insulation thicknesses and façade projections, the wall holders are designed in different projection lengths. To compensate the thermal expansion of the subframe profiles, the wall holders are used both as fixed and sliding points. In addition to the proportional wind loads, the fixed point absorbs the entire dead load of the façade panels and substructure. The sliding point with its slotted holes also ensures that the vertical profile can slide due to thermal expansion. The sliding point also absorbs wind loads.