fischer Pakistan

Fischer Pakistan: Best Industrial Fasteners Manufacturer for the latest fastener solutions
In addition to manufacturing fasteners and construction supplies to be used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, Fischer Pakistan provides nuts and bolts of exceptional quality to customers around the world.
Our products are cold- and hot-forged, and we produce them using a variety of machining processes. We work with several suppliers who supply specialized materials, and our quality assurance team monitors production processes throughout.
We aim to be a one-stop provider of industrial supplies to our customers. Deliveries are made via courier to every major center, and we offer unparalleled customer service, which made us a leading distributor of fasteners.
Having a presence in more than 100 countries worldwide, Fischer can provide fastener solutions to most of our customers' needs in the construction industry. We are one of the leading and highest-rated fastener distributors worldwide. Quality products and services are our top priority. Our mission is to fulfill this promise and to live up to our responsibility.