Bolt anchor setting tool FA-ST II

Easy and fast installation of bolt anchors.

The FA-ST II bolt anchor setting tool allows for quick and easy installation of bolt anchors, saving significant installation time in particular during series installation. The projecting thread of the anchor is not damaged during hammering. The bolt anchor setting tool FA-ST II is suitable for commonly available hammer drills (2 - 3 kg) with SDS adapter. Specialised bolt anchors such as the AZ II, FBN II, FBZ and EXA can be installed using push-through installation more quickly, easily, and safely using the FA-ST II. The setting tool ensures optimal handling, thanks to its low weight.

Product Description

  • The fischer FA-ST II setting tool allows a simple and fast installation of bolt anchors.
  • It is a lightweight, easy to handle setting tool for a simple installation process.
  • The setting tool is packed in a robust plastic box that offers maximum flexibility for use on construction sites.

Available Product Variants

5 Product variant (s) found

5 Product variant (s) found

Art.-No. 558789

SDS Adapter; Socket SW17, SW19, SW24

1 [pcs.]


Art.-No. 558790

SDS Adapter; Socket SW17

1 [pcs.]


Art.-No. 558791

SDS Adapter; Socket SW19

1 [pcs.]


Art.-No. 558792

SDS Adapter; Socket SW24

1 [pcs.]


Art.-No. 558793

Replacement spring

5 [pcs.]


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Application and Permission

  • Machine setting of bolt anchors, requiring little force
  • Usable with FAZ II, FBN II, FBZ, EXA

Assembly Instruction

  • The bolt anchor setting tool with SDS adapter is placed into the socket on the hammer drill.
  • The bolt anchor is pushed into the drill hole thanks to the axial movement and impact of the hammer drill.
  • The drill hammer is switched to rotation to tighten the nut of the anchor.
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
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