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Threaded rod connector S-ROD

Threaded rod brace connector with increased angle adjustability to install threaded rods for seismic bracing

The threaded rod connector S-ROD allows seismic-resistant bracing of suspended threaded rods and framework constructions with threaded rods M10 flexibly in all directions. The assembly height can be adjusted quickly and easily by the intelligent design. Several threaded rod connectors S-ROD can be mounted on top of each other to brace the same point in several directions and to ensure more safety through the same. It is possible to install the threaded rod connector S-ROD on already existing constructions without any problems and without dismantling them beforehand.

Product Description

  • The design of the threaded rod brace connector allows a variable installation at angles between 30° and 65°.
  • The threaded rod connector can be installed quickly and easily without having to dismantle already existing installations.
  • By tilting the side rod by 90°, the threaded rod connector slides very easily, allowing easy and quick adjustment of the assembly height on the vertical threaded rod.
  • The threaded rod connectors can be mounted on top of each other to brace the same point in different directions.
  • Material U-shaped brackets: steel S275JR (material-no. 1.0044) according to DIN EN 10025-2
  • Material threaded rod: steel 11SMnPb37 (material-no. 1.0737) according to DIN EN 10277-3
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc plated

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Application and Permission

  • For the seismic bracing of supended threaded rods as well as new and existing frame constructions with threaded rods M10