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Pipe clamp FRSN

The two-screw pipe clamp without sound insulation insert

The fischer pipe clamp FRSN is a two-screw pipe clamp made from zinc-plated steel in material quality DD11 with combination connecting thread M8/M10 without a sound insulation insert. The two-screw version enables optimised adjustment in line with the outer diameter of the pipe. Together with the combination connecting thread, this increases flexibility. This enables plastic and metal pipes with an outer diameter of 15 to 219 mm to be securely and cost-effectively fixed in buildings with a threaded rod or stud screw.

Product Description

  • The FRSN without the sound insulation insert is ideal for use in industrial applications and plastic pipes.
  • The combination connecting nut with thread M8/M10 allows for optimised mounting choices.
  • The two screws enable ideal adaptation to suit the outer pipe diameter.
  • The screw's safety feature ensures trouble-free installation.
  • Material: steel DD11 (material no. 1.0332) acc. to DIN EN 10111
  • Zinc plating: electro zinc-plated, 5 - 9 µm
  • Connecting nut: resistance welded M8 / M10, SW 13, M10 / M12, SW 17
  • Locking screw: flat head screw with combination recessed head

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Application and Permission

  • Fixing of metal or plastic pipes without sound insulation requirements with threaded rods or stud screws (e.g. in industrial constructions)

Assembly Instruction

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