The installation of fischer ducts often requires spiral duct hangers. They are rigid metal rods that attach the duct to the ceiling. A simple alternative, the Zip Clip cable suspension system is also used for installing HVAC ductwork. All above-ground duct installations require some kind of hangers and supports.

Fischer has a variety of duct support hangers you can choose from depending upon the requirements. If our standard duct hangers do not meet your ductwork application, we can
customize them according to your needs. It is important to maintain the ventilation systems in a timely manner in order to ensure that the equipment functions properly and avoid constant repairs.

Ventilating the room involves replacing the entire air in it (adding cleaning, drying, heating, cooling, ionizing, and so on). A special type of modern equipment is used during the procedure of Air Conditioner fixing ventilation of the premises in order to ensure the required level of humidity, temperature, and sanitation.

The turbulence generated in the system is much greater when wood chips and metal particles are present. For heavier applications, consider adding stability and strength. The duct hanger is required to do less 'work' in mist and fume ventilation applications. When the system doesn't perform well or fails, remember to calculate the possibility of material building up inside the duct. For safe ventilation pipe and duct installation, Fischer offers the essential fixing elements.