Sliding elements

Fischer Sliding Elements: Designed to Absorb Thermal Pipe Expansions

fischer sliding elements are designed to absorb the thermal expansion that occurs in heating and refrigeration pipes in both directions. Despite their pre-installed nature, the sliding
elements can be easily secured with different types of anchors or screws. Buildings can be installed with galvanized zinc versions.

fischer manufactures high-precision, maintenance-free sliding plates, bushings, collars, and cast parts, which find their principal application in the automotive industry and machinery construction:

● Automobile industry (tool guides, auto body presses)
● Machines and tools for injection molding plastics
● Steelmaking plants, rolling mills, and mechanical engineering
● Brick and construction industries
● Engineering of dams and hydropower
● Maritime
● Technology of welding
● The packaging industry
● Engineering of cranes and conveying systems

Advantages of Fischer sliding channels:
1. Compatibility with the environment
2. Does not require maintenance
3. Wear-resisting
4. A low friction surface
5. Temperatures as high as 200 °C are possible during loading
6. Rust-resistant
7. Designed to resist impact loads
8. Exceptionally long service life