pipe clamps

Fischer Pipe Clamps - for Secure and Optimum Fixation of your Pipelines

Pipe clamps can be used on light, medium, and heavyweight pipelines of different materials. fischer provides a variety of pipelines made from various materials and thread shapes. For pipe diameters from 8 to 508 mm, fischer offers pipe clamps with and without sound insulation inserts. Additional safety is guaranteed by fire protection and sound protection checks.

Over the decades, fischer piping support clamps fabricated from plastic, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel, have been synonymous with the easy, quick, and secure installation of pipes, tubes, hoses, cables. It is also used on other flexible and rigid components with an outside diameter of up to 508 mm. Their vibration and noise-reducing features are appreciated as a notable contribution to environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

Fischer pipe clamps are known and appreciated for their strength, durability, and noise and vibration-reducing features. They are seen as an important contribution to workplace safety and environmental protection.

In addition to its many strengths, STAUFF also processes fire-proof clamp body materials, which have been tested and approved according to several international fire-protection standards (such as BS EN 45545-2, 6853, UL 94). fischer provides prompt service for customized solutions according to customer specifications or based on our development.