channel systems

Fischer Channel Systems - a Modular, Easy-to-Build System for Safe and Reliable Installation

Using Fischer channel systems, construction facilities are able to install conduits more quickly, which ultimately reduces installation time. It facilitates the construction of complex 3D structures. The modular design also allows the creation of simple suspended support structures and channels. They can then be directly used for the attachment of parts or for fixing pipe clamps. Depending on the environment, the zinc-plated designs can be installed in buildings, while the hot-dip galvanized and stainless-steel versions can be installed outdoors and in highly corrosive atmospheres.

fischer channel clamps offer an economical alternative to traditional electrical, mechanical, and industrial supports for a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

Fischer’s wide range of channel systems, designed and developed for convenience, safety, and reliability includes an array of products like T-head bolts, Connectors, Channel Washers, etc.

Using channel cladding on non-load bearing walls or with high projections is easier with fischer channel systems. A subframe is created by expanding channels between floor levels using specially designed channel supports and restraint brackets. Set screws and nut retainers are then used to secure the subframe to the floor.

Features of Fischer channel systems:
● Attachment to a sub-channel structure connected to a load-bearing beam.
● A high load-bearing capacity can accommodate projections of various sizes.
● Using the special design, larger projection sizes are possible.
● Easy to install and fully adjustable.
● As a result, the level of cold bridging is decreased due to lower anchor points.

Our channel systems are suitable for:
● Electrical applications / Metal framing
● Supports for pipes & conduits
● Stanchions for tunnel pipes
● Attachments for beams
● Risers for pipelines