Brackets sets

A Set of Brackets for Mounting to Any Wall

A typical bracket set looks like a metal L-shaped piece that connects two components. The shorter leg is vertically attached to the wall or any other surface, while its horizontal arm extends outward to hold a second element. The horizontal arm is often supported by a third arm that runs diagonally between the horizontal and vertical arms, i.e., the bracket can also look like a solid triangle. Even without an L-shape, an object that helps in holding an object while attached to another can be called a bracket.

For example, the components that attach a bicycle lamp to a bicycle, as well as the rings that attach pipes to walls, are examples of brackets that are often not L-shaped, but they still attach smaller components to larger ones.

In the case of air conditioner fixings, they should be mounted securely onto windows without external support. An additional support bracket is needed to keep it in place. The Fischer bracket sets provide the perfect solution for fixing devices to walls by means of reliable and robust subframe structures.