Installation Accessories are Available in a Wide Variety

Fischer offers a wide range of innovative installation accessories designed to fix media lines in the building industry. Combined with other Fischer products, they are remarkably versatile. It includes universal channels, brackets, connection elements, support hangers, channel clamps, and installation accessories. It is an economical and modularly-built system solution that can be easily installed.

Every single piece is an installation system is crucial to the project. All tools and pieces of hardware serve multiple purposes in crafting. One such tool is the hose clamp. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as automotive, plumbing, and the outdoors. When you can't secure the hose clamps in place, even the most complex set-ups become futile. Hose clamps allow you to proceed with ease and efficiency.

Designed to suspend threaded rods from wooden members in overhead applications, vertical rod hangers support both wood and threaded rods. Rod hangers can be installed horizontally to attach to the sides of joists, columns, and overhead members. The term "fully threaded stud bolts" implies that plain threaded rods have full coverage of the stud threads. They can be used with two threaded stud bolts and two regular or heavy hex nuts. Chamfered and non-chamfered ends are also available on these fully threaded studs.

Fischer has also developed new business opportunities as a result of its capability to innovate. Every year, Fischer delivers new products as well as introduces new ideas. The Fischer product line includes a wide variety of accessories for installation systems: Fixing and mounting components such as screws, washers, and nuts, as well as components for connecting to various subframe systems and substrates.