fischer SaMontec Installationssystems

Installation system - SaMontec

With this range, fischer offers a system for a reliable guidance and fixing of all sorts of media lines in the building technology.
Universal channels, brackets, connection- and construction elements, clamps and installation accessories are very variable combinable and versatile applicable. The optimal system solution, modular constructed, economical convincing and very installation-friendly, e.g. with the push-through system.

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fischer light channel system. Easy and viable

The FLS-system allows a economical and safe installation of horizontal and vertical installations. Because of its modular structure and the already in the factory pre-assembled construction- and connection elements, its easy and fast to mount.
The variable channel system is made of three main elements in total:
the mounting channels FLS and suspension brackets ALK, the pre-assembled construction elements saddle flange SF Clix 31 and mounting angle MW Clix 90º, as well as the optimised connection elements FHS Clix, FSM Clix M, FSM Clix P and the belonging angles and channel connectors.

fischer Mounting Channel FLS - mounting rail


fischer SaMontec Installationssystems

Installation Grid

Flexible system establishes creative scope

fischer developed the high flexible installation grid out of the individual components of the fischer SaMontec system. With mounting channels and special fixings, an installation level will be established in buildings under the hall ceiling. This can - also belated - be adjusted and ensures to guide all kinds of media on any desired point of the production level.

The system is not only suitable for new constructions, but also for belated installations. fischer established therefore creative scope for planners and architectures. Light- or sound reducting elements can for example be fixed on the grid.

fischer supports the dimensioning of pipeline routes and the therefore needed fixing elements with the design software fischer SaMontec.