fischer modular system

fischer Modular Systems

For the mechanical, electrical, and industrial trades, fischer provides a comprehensive solution for hanging and fastening pipes and equipment.
We can assist you from the commencement of your design through the installation of the final solutions.
For light, medium, and heavy-duty applications, we manufacture and develop cutting-edge modular support systems.
We also provide design software and services such as calculations, training, and onsite testing, all of which are aimed at helping you build more quickly and efficiently.

A typical module consists of steel frames to which pipes, ventilation ducts and cable trays are attached. Its length is usually from 1 to 5 meters, width and height is limited mainly by the possibilities of transport on the construction site.

The design of the installation modules is similar to the preparation of the coordination drawing. In addition, you need to rethink the method of connecting modules and calculate the weight and size of steel beams from which the mounting frame will be made.

Fabrication of MEP modules can take place in two ways: in a workshop located outside the construction site, or at the construction site in a temporary workshop where our module can be easily transported to the place of installation.

Modules installation is typically carried out by duct lifters, or chain blocks. A tower crane can also be used to assemble modules in shafts.