FIS V Zero

Maximum safety for people and nature

Your advantages at a glance

  • The innovative formula of the universal mortar FIS V Zero is free of labelling-required hazardous substances, such as dibenzoyl peroxide, which is classified as sensitising, irritating to the eyes and hazardous to the environment.
  • The non-labelled ingredients of the FIS V Zero guarantee safe installation for maximum user protection.
  • The injection mortar is approved for anchoring in concrete and masonry, for post-installed rebar connections and for water-filled drill holes.
  • The possible installation temperatures of -10 to 40 °C allow the universal use of FIS V Zero all year round.
  • Used cartridges can be disposed environmentally friendly in the residual waste and therefore avoid cost-intensive hazardous waste.

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Performance features of the FIS V Zero

Highest work safety

Thanks to its non-labelled ingredients, the FIS V Zero offers its users maximum protection during processing and achieves the lowest emission class with the A+ rating.

Maximum nature protection

Significantly reduced environmental risk even with improper disposal thanks to the innovative ingredients. The simple disposal in the residual waste avoids the usual costly disposal as hazardous waste.

Water-filled drill holes

FIS V Zero can be easily installed in water-filled drill holes according to ETA and can therefore be used under all building conditions.

Installation temperatures

The possible installation temperatures of -10 to 40 °C allow the universal use of FIS V Zero all year round.
In addition, an internal expert report confirms installation temperatures of up to -15 °C.

Post-installed rebar connections

Post-installed rebar connections complete the range of possible applications of FIS V Zero and make the injection mortar the perfect choice on the construction site.

Certificates confirm highest product quality

Wide range of approved accessories for maximum safety

Anchor rod FIS A

The variable anchoring depths allow optimum adaptation to the application and load requirement in concrete.

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Internally threadened anchor RG M I

In combination with metric screws or threaded rods, it can be used for the installation of removable fixing elements in concrete.

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Internally threaded anchor FIS E

The metric internal thread allows the use of standard metric screws or anchor rods for ideal adaptation to the application in masonry.

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Anchor sleeve FIS H K

The grid structure of the anchor sleeve FIS H K ensures economical mortar consumption with optimum form fit.

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Rebar anchor FRA

With this anchor the load-bearing capacity of the concrete is fully utilised, thus very high tensile loads can be introduced into the anchoring base.

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Safety is calculable

Measuring is so simple

The fischer design Software FiXperience supports you in measuring your projects safely and reliably whether you are a planer, structural engineer or craftsman. FiXperience is constructed modularly and useable for a variety of applications..

The new, modular structure of the program includes an engineers software and special application modules.

For chemical fixings, the modules MORTAR-FIX (fischer design software MORTAR-FIX | fischer), C-FIX (fischer design software C-FIX | fischer), REBAR-FIX (fischer design software REBAR-FIX | fischer) and RAIL-FIX (fischer design software RAIL-FIX | fischer) are particularly important.

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