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Facade fixing

fischer Cast-in Channel System usually refers to cold-formed or hot-rolled channels with anchors of either I-shaped or round type welded or riveted to the channels. Nail holes in
the channel aid the fixing of the channel to wooden or other material formwork, inside the channel there are special form of fillers to prevent the ingress of concrete during casting
process. After that, the formwork and the fillers can be easily removed, and the specially designed channel bolt is used to connect various attached items.

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Advantages of using fischer Cast-in Channel System products:

  1. Providing adjustability and flexibility
  2. Easy installation with simple tools to ensure reduced construction time
  3. Prefabricated products diminish construction effort dramatically
  4. Time-saving bolted connections rather than time-demanding field welding
  5. Helping on pre-designing in structures building development
  6. Suitable for cracked concrete structure
  7. Applicable for multiple environments due to hot-dip galvanization and other coating options
  8. Integrated rip-line foam filler protects from concrete intrusion and allows easy and complete foam removal from the channel
  9. No damage to existing structures

The three ACT systems at a glance

System one

SystemOne, fischer’s framework substructure is an integral part of fischer Facade Systems technology. It is designed for high loads, for large-size, heavy natural stone panels, and for bridging non-bearing structural elements. SystemOne reduces on-site installation times and noise through versatility and ease of replacing panels, for example; during renovation, etc.

Cost-effective and standards-compliant: fischer reveal angle bracket for mechanical fixing of reveal panels on the SystemOne substructure.

fischer  A|C|T - Advanced Curtain wall Technique system one

System one light

SystemOne light is an efficient solution when it comes to installing ventilated cladding made of lightweight facade panels. As you would expect, this rail-based system also offers all the advantages that make SystemOne unique:

  • fast installation thanks to hook and hang system
  • no anchoring point visible within joint
  • designed for high loads
  • bridging of non-bearing structural elements
  • perfect for over-cladding of steel-frame constructions
  • mechanical fixing for reveal panels
  • non-destructive replacement of façade panels

Wall bracket system:

  • Minimised cold bridges
  • Reduced drilling costs
  • Noise reduction during renovation works
  • Dry installation, even at extreme temperatures
fischer  A|C|T - Advanced Curtain wall Technique system one light

Glass point fixing with undercut

fischer Facade Systems' drilling technique, same as our undercut anchor and substructure, is state of the art technology. The appliances for drilling undercut holes are essential parts of the overall system, which consists of drilled hole and anchor.

For drilling, fischer offers in-house developed machines in various sizes ranging from portable machines for onsite use through to large-scale, serial production facilities. These machines allow fast and cost-effective drilling of holes thanks to diamond tipped drilling tools. Setting appliances are then used to fit the anchors into the panels. Fitting specialists at the fischer's Competence Centre offer a comprehensive range of services in connection with drilling and setting:

  • Large variety of machines
  • Large-scale machines for serial production
  • Support in the selection of the machine
  • Purchase/renting of machinery
fischer  A|C|T - Advanced Curtain wall Technique - glass point fixing with undercut

The first state of the art glass point fixing in the world with an undercut...

The "Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik" [German Institute for Building Technology] (DIBt) in Berlin has issued a general approval for the fischer Zykon point fitting (FZP-G). The revolutionary development is state of the art and can now be used without consent in individual cases for sophisticated glass facades. By using undercut technology, our company has succeeded in creating the first point fitting for glass in the world in which the hole does not penetrate the glass.

The FZP-G-Z involves an undercut point fitting made from stainless steel. It consists of a cone bolt, expansion sleeve, plastic cap, shim washer and retaining nut. The smooth outside of the glass facade offers the architects a broader design field and at the same time reducing the cleaning requirements and susceptibility of soiling.

The fischer FZP-G-Z is offered in two variations for glazing with toughened safety glass (ESG or ESG-H) and laminated safety glass (VSG). The glass panes can be enamelled or coated and can also serve as substrates for solar elements that are laminated.

fischer  A|C|T - Advanced Curtain wall Technique

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