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The heavy-duty cavity toggle anchor for panel building materials

The fischer DuoTec comprises two plastic components and works in solid building materials in a similar way to an expansion plug. The nylon cavity toggle is suitable for high loads in all dry-wall installations. Its short toggle element is ideal for use in narrow and insulated cavities. No matter whether for fixing the TV in place or mounting wall cupboards, lamps and wall shelves – this cavity toggle is a real all-rounder.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Flexible screw support allows the use of screws and hooks with different thread shapes.
  • Glass-fibre-reinforced plastics and the metal skeleton insert (fischer DUOTEC 12) ensure that high tensile and transverse loads are absorbed in all panel building materials.
  • Soft, grey nylon support side distributes the load on the panel surface, minimizing the weakening of the load-bearing material.
  • Common borehole diameters and short tilting element for easy installation in narrow, even insulated cavities.
  • White collar sleeve with snap-in function enables fast and safe pre-assembly of the anchor in the drill hole.
  • With scale on the tension band (fischer DUOTEC 12) to determine the required screw length (scale value + 20 mm).

Product Highlights

  1. Red-grey, glass-fibre reinforced tilting element for high tensile loads.
  2. Metal-skeleton insert (fischer DUOTEC 12) for higher load bearing capacity in very stable slab materials.
  3. Screw holder for expansion plug function.
  4. Screw adapter for toggle plug function.
  5. Snap-in teeth to prevent rotation.
  6. Glass fibre reinforced, adjustable collar sleeve for higher transverse loads.
  7. Release button (fischer DUOTEC 12) for fast insertion instead of screwing in the screw.
  8. Grip band with catch for pre-fixing of tilting element and collar sleeve.
  9. Handle for sensing obstacles (e. g. cables, pipes etc.) in the cavity.
  10. Scale for easy determination of the required screw length. (fischer DUOTEC 12)

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