fischer cast-in-anchor channel _ 1220 x 475

fischer Cast In Anchors

fischer Cast-in Channel System usually refers to cold-formed or hot-rolled channels with anchors of either I-shaped or round type welded or riveted to the channels. Nail holes in
the channel aid the fixing of the channel to wooden or other material formwork, inside the channel there are special form of fillers to prevent the ingress of concrete during casting
process. After that, the formwork and the fillers can be easily removed, and the specially designed channel bolt is used to connect various attached items.
fischer cast-in-anchor channel _ 720x 422

Advantages of using fischer Cast-in Channel System products:

Providing adjustability and flexibility
Easy installation with simple tools to ensure reduced construction time
Prefabricated products diminish construction effort dramatically
Time-saving bolted connections rather than time-demanding field welding
Helping on pre-designing in structures building development
Suitable for cracked concrete structure
Applicable for multiple environments due to hot-dip galvanization and other coating options
Integrated rip-line foam filler protects from concrete intrusion and allows easy and complete foam removal from the channel
No damage to existing structures