fischer Bolt anchor FAZ II

The powerful anchor for highest demands.

Your advantages at a glance:

- The tried and tested expansion clip enables highest load-bearing capacities. Therefore, fewer fixing points and smaller anchor plates are needed.
- The reduced anchorage depth (see example) enables clearly lower drill-hole depths and thus provides a noticeably quicker installation.
- Fewer hammer blows when hammering in the anchor, together with the low torque slippage, ensure a noticeably simple and comfortable setting process.
-The international approvals guarantee maximum safety and the best performance. These approvals even cover the use in earthquake zones (seismic performance).

FAZ II product range


New: Variable embedment depths

Enables most accurate adaption on the loads (M 8 - M 16).

  1. Maximum load with maximum embedment depth FAZ II 10 A4 60 mm embedment depth = maximum permissible tension load of 6.2 kN and shear load of 15.1 kN. 
    Permissible loads may be calculated for embedment depth between 40 mm and 60 mm.
  2. Fast installation thanks to minimum embedment depth FAZ II 10 A4 40mm embedment depth = permissible tension load of 4.3 kN and shear load of 11.3 kN.


Product Highlights

  1. The distinctive edge holds the expansion clip in position even with reinforcement hits, thus ensuring safe installation.
  2. The interaction of cone and expansion clip significantly increases load-bearing capacity and makes minimum edge distance and axial spacing possible.
  3. With a choice of pre-assembled normal washer or large washer GS and with washer HBS in compliance with wood construction standard DIN 1052 (not pre-assembled).
  4. The protruding hammer-in pin protects the thread from damage during setting.



Applications of the Bolt Anchor FAZ II

Railing construction
Railing construction
Facade substructure construction
Facade substructure construction
Timber railing construction
Tension anchor
Pipe routes
Cable trays