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On-site tests for post-installed rebar and fastenings by Fischer

The need of conducting a tensile test on the anchors is frequently observed on the job site. Fischer supplies qualified employees to conduct the tests, which are conducted using routinely calibrated equipment. The anchors are subsequently tested on-site in the presence of the customer, in accordance with particular criteria for load and quantity of anchors to be tested. A report containing the test data and outcomes is delivered after the tests are completed.

If you don't know the load capability of foundation material, you'll need to perform onsite testing for rebar and anchors. When a base material isn't covered by ETA rules or Fischer technical data, such as old or damaged concrete or rock, this is the case. On-site testing can help you establish which anchor method is best for your installation by calculating the design resistance of the base material. A destructive pull-out test or a non-destructive proof load test can both be used for onsite testing. The report includes data on load displacements and load-over-time graphs obtained by using digital gauges rather than analog instruments.