Side tables BST

As an accessory for fischer drilling machines for fischer Zykon panel anchors.

The side tables BST are used as accessories for fischer drilling machines. They provide easier handling during the drilling process of large-format panels.

Product Description

  • Offer an increase in user comfort as an accessory.
  • Enable the handling of larger panel formats.
  • Create an extension of the machine table support surface.

Available Product Variants

2 Product variant (s) found

2 Product variant (s) found

Adapted for
Number of rollers
Art.-No. 046235

1000 x 1250 x 830 [mm]

50 [kg]

SBN 502

55 pcs. ø 60 mm

Art.-No. 046228

800 x 480 x 780 [mm]

20 [kg]

LBT 80

5 pcs. ø 50 x 390 mm

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