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fischer Pipe clip RC IEC 63

The convenient pipe fixing.

Art.-No. 79196
Top Features
  • High flexibility: Assembly possible with fischer clip fixing SD, Hammerfix N or fischer DuoPower.
  • Compatible with 11 mm profile rails.
  • Simple assembly due to a slot. This saves time during adjusting.
  • Made of high-quality nylon without halogens and silicone.
  • Coupling up to three pipe clips. This saves on additional drilling.

Product Description

The fischer pipe clip RC is an easy-to-mount solution for pipe fixings. The pipe clip is secured in the drill hole with the, for example, fischer DuoPower or the fischer Hammerfix N 6. When fixing in concrete and solid building materials, Hammerfix N can be used, when fixing in perforated and panel building materials, the DuoPower for example. After installation, the plastic insulation pipes are inserted in the pipe clip. The pre-tensioning of the pipe clip holds the pipes securely. The fischer Pipe clip RC is ideal for fixing plastic insulation pipes easily.
  • The pipe clip RC can be used with pre-installed clip fixing SD, with Hammerfix N 6 or in 11 mm C-shaped profile-rails, and thus allows for a flexible and cost-effective installation.
  • The 6 mm-long hole allows for the optimal alignment of the pipe fixing and ensures a more user-friendly installation.
  • Two additional pipe clips can be added to the sides of a pre-fixed pipe clip. This saves assembly time and materials.
  • The long-lasting nylon material is halogen- and silicone-free. It can be used all year round, including during a frost. This ensures a high level of safety.

Application and Permission

For fixing of:
  • Flexible and rigid plastic insulating pipes
Building materials
When using ClipFix SD:
  • Concrete
  • Solid pumice block
  • Solid sand-lime brick
  • Natural stone with dense structure
  • Solid brick
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.
For Details see corresponding Documents

Assembly Instruction

  • Plastic insulation pipes are laid into the pipe clip. The pre-tensioning of the pipe clip holds the pipes securely.
  • The pipe clip RC is adapted to be fixed with either clip fixing SD or Hammerfix N 6.
  • Manually place the ClipFix plus SD directly into the drill hole. No additional screws are needed.
  • The Hammerfix N is expanded when the nail is driven in, and holds by friction in the drill hole.
  • Temperature resistance once installed from -20 °C to +80 °C.
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture
Mounting Strip 1 Picture

Technical Data

Technical Data

Suitable for IEC 63
Clamping range 62 - 64 [mm]
Dimension of slot 6 x 10 [mm]
Packaging Folding box
Amount 15 [pcs.]
GTIN (EAN-Code) 4006209791967