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Zinc spray FTC-ZS

Fast-drying surface and corrosion protection with outstanding long-term effect for metals

The fischer zinc spray FTC-ZS gives all metal surfaces lasting cathodic corrosion protection. If forms a quick-drying, firmly adhering protective layer made from micro-fine zinc pigments. The spray is ideal for use as a high-quality corrosion protection primer, to coat weld spots and drill hole areas, as a conductive interlayer for spot welding, and in any application where the protection of metal against corrosion is particularly important. In a salt spray test as per DIN 53167 and DIN 50021, metal parts coated with fischer FTC-ZS showed no corrosion even after 500 hours. The zinc layer provides a resistant protection layer even when faced with extreme weather and environmental factors.

Product Description

  • In the salt spray test in line with DIN 50021, coated metal parts displayed no corrosion, even after 500 hours.
  • The high proportion of zinc in the dry film provides secure protection to all metal surfaces that are permanently exposed to the elements.
  • Thanks to the adhesive layer of corrosion protection and the fact that it can be painted over, it is also ideal as a high-quality base layer.
  • The high resistance to cracking and flaking of a metal base material was confirmed by the mandrel flex test in line with DIN EN ISO 1519
    (without damage).

Available Product Variants

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1 Product variant (s) found

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Application and Permission

  • For all metals that need corrosion protection
  • Rust protection base layer for surfaces threatened by water and weather
  • For the coating of drilling and cutting points as well as welded joints
  • Conductive interlayer for spot welding
  • Repairing damaged zinc coatings
Building materials
  • All iron and steel surfaces
  • Blank laminations
You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.
For Details see corresponding Documents

Assembly Instruction

  • Dark-grey colour (similar to RAL 7042)
  • Metal proportion of over 92% in dry film
  • Shake can well for approx. 3 minutes
  • Apply at a distance of 20–30 cm in a cross coat
  • Surface dust-dry after just approx. 8 minutes
  • Fully hardened within 24 hours
  • Smooth, non-porous film
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Excellent corrosion protection with long-term effect
  • Heat-resistant up to approx. 500 °C
  • Electroconductive and suitable for spot welding
  • Ideal processing temperature of 16 °C to 25 °C

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