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Façade acrylic Premium DFA

The elastic acrylic sealant for internal and external applications with immediate rain resistance

The fischer façade acrylic Premium DFA is approved for the sealing of façade connection joints. It can be used for connection joints for shutter boxes and window sills and for renovation work (split jointing). The DFA is quickly resistant to rain so can be processed regardless of the weather. Work does not need to be interrupted. The sealant is odourless, so it is ideal for use inside to seal window and door frame joints and for internal connection joints between wood, plastic and metal windows and walls. It can also be painted over and is non-corrosive to metal.

Product Description

  • The immediate rain resistance allows for external application in all weather conditions, thus avoiding interruption of work.
  • The high movement capacity means that DFA is ideal for expansion joints. This guarantees long-lasting jointing.
  • The optimised formulation ensures that strongly absorbent substrates do not cause splitting in the joints. This increases functional safety.
  • The water-based acrylate sealant has a neutral odour and is therefore ideal for use in confined spaces.

Available Product Variants

1 Product variant (s) found

1 Product variant (s) found

Art.-No. 541709


310 [ml]

1 [St.]


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Application and Permission

  • For internal and external application
  • Internal connection joints between wood, plastic and metal windows and walls
  • Joints in dry and internal construction
  • Joints between stairs and walls, ceilings and walls
  • Connection joints for shutter boxes and window sills
  • Renovation work (split jointing)
Building materials
  • Concrete
  • Anodised layer
  • Fibre cement
  • Gypsum
  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • Wood
  • H-PVC
  • Sand-lime brick
  • Clinker brick
  • Masonry
  • Metal
  • Aerated concrete
  • Plaster
  • Brick
  • Zinc
* You can find detailed information on building materials in the registration document.

Assembly Instruction

  • Chemical base: 1-component dispersion acrylic
  • Elasto-plastic
  • Low-odour
  • Skin formation time: approx. 5 minutes
  • Processing temperature: +5 °C to +40 °C
  • Permissible total deformation 20 % (according to ISO 7389)
  • Temperature resistance: -20 °C to +75 °C
  • Non-corrosive
  • Very good resistance to weather, ageing and UV
  • Compatible with paint
  • Can be painted and plastered
  • Frost-protected in the cartridge
  • Free of silicone, MDI and solvents

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