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Professional sealing, insulation and fixation in construction, ancillary building trades, skilled crafts and trades, house construction and renovation work.

fischer offers cost-effective foams, sealants and adhesives for professional sealing, insulation and bonding work for expansion and connection joints on façades, sanitary installations, window and door sealings, floors and roofs, and the securing of insulation and structural bonds inside and outside. Sound and thermal insulation tests as well as tested water pressure resistance offer added reliability. Tailored accessories such as guns and cleaners enable rapid work and provide flexibility.

Building foams (20)
Building foams (20) High-quality PU foams for professional thermal and sound insulation More Information
Joint sealants (43)
Joint sealants (43) Joint sealants for façades and roofs, glazing, sanitary applications, floorings and interior fittings More Information
Building adhesives (7)
Building adhesives (7) Building adhesive for solid and flexible connections in construction, ancillary building trades and skilled crafts and trades More Information
Technical sprays (3)
Technical sprays (3) Protection of surfaces, support for cleaning, degreasing, lubrication, detaching and separating More Information

Available Product Variants

PUP 750 (DE)
PUP 750 (DE) The gun foam with proven sound and thermal insulation properties as well as increased foam yield. Art.-No. 53084 More Information
PUP S 750 (DE)
PUP S 750 (DE) The gun foam with tested joint sound insulation and thermal insulation along with water pressure resistance. Art.-No. 539197 More Information
PUP S 750 B2
PUP S 750 B2 The gun foam with tested joint sound insulation and thermal insulation along with water pressure resistance. Art.-No. 40302 More Information
PUP 500 (DE)
PUP 500 (DE) The grey gun foam in the compact can with high foam yield. Art.-No. 503259 More Information
PUP S 500 (DE)
PUP S 500 (DE) The tested sound and thermal insulation foam in a short dispenser with high yields for professionals. Art.-No. 539163 More Information
PUP BS 750 B2 (DE/EN)
PUP BS 750 B2 (DE/EN) The gun foam with proven resistance to water pressure. Art.-No. 513763 More Information
PUP B1 750 (DE/EN)
PUP B1 750 (DE/EN) The flame resistant B1 gun foam. Art.-No. 45300 More Information
PUP WDVS 750 (DE) The adhesive foam for ETICS systems with building approval. Art.-No. 539164 More Information
PUP P 750 (DE)
PUP P 750 (DE) The economic adhesive foam for perimeter insulation boards. Art.-No. 506671 More Information
KD WHITE 290ML The flexible adhesive and sealant for interior and exterior use. Art.-No. 59389 More Information
MK WHITE 310ML (DE/EN) The building adhesive for interior areas with high initial adhesion. Art.-No. 53128 More Information