TX star recess profi bit

The profi bit with TX star recess

The fischer profi bit FPB with TX drive is a robust and powerful bit for manual and machine use. The drive with the TX star recess socket enables a high torque transfer. The use of a high-quality special steel with a top hardness grade ensures a long life span. The fischer profi bit is resistant to wear and breakage.

Product Description

  • "Made in Germany" bits made from special steel with a high hardness quality.
  • Extremely high torque values.
  • TX star recess for a high torque transfer.
  • Optimum bit fit in screws allows for low-wear work and therefore clean working results and a long lifetime.
  • CNC-profiled output drive for an optimum torque transmission and the best possible force transfer.
  • The profile shape guarantees an optimum fit and prevents damage to the screw head.
  • Also available as neat bit sets with 10 or 31 parts, including a bit holder.

Available Product Variants


Application and Permission

  • Robust and powerful all-rounder bits for the home, crafts and trades, and industry

Assembly Instruction

  • Suitable for ¼" drives