Product Range

Steel anchor (956)
Steel anchor (956) Mechanical anchoring solutions for heavy loads More Information
Chemical fixings (552)
Chemical fixings (552) Chemical fixing solutions for heavy-duty fixings in concrete and masonry. More Information
Standard fixings (708)
Standard fixings (708) Plastic and metal fixing solutions for light to medium loads More Information
Frame fixings (474)
Frame fixings (474) Secure fixing for façade substructures, interior fittings, window and door installation and timber construction More Information
Cavity fixings (123)
Cavity fixings (123) The specialist for panel building materials and various hollow building materials/cavities More Information
Electrical fixings (193)
Electrical fixings (193) Easy and efficient fixing of cables and conduits for electrical installations More Information
Sanitary fixings (35)
Sanitary fixings (35) Complete fixing sets for ceramic free-standing toilets, ceramic wash basins, urinals and sanitary installations More Information
Scaffold anchorings and eye fixings (50)
Scaffold anchorings and eye fixings (50) Safe anchoring of façade scaffolds, trellises, and tensioning ropes More Information
Window frame fixings (83)
Window frame fixings (83) Fixings for the stress-free installation of window and door frames More Information
Renovation/strengthening (55)
Renovation/strengthening (55) Professional solutions for the renovation and strengthening of outer shells More Information
Insulation fixings (212)
Insulation fixings (212) Fixing elements for fixing insulation boards More Information
Fixation on ETICS/insulation (62)
Fixation on ETICS/insulation (62) Safe hold on insulated walls thanks to our fixing specialists More Information
Construction chemicals (73)
Construction chemicals (73) Professional sealing, insulation and fixation in construction, ancillary building trades, skilled crafts and trades, house construction and renovation work. More Information
Drill bits (729)
Drill bits (729) The extensive drill bit assortment for the professional user More Information
Bits (5)
Bits (5) The professional bit assortment with the perfect fit. More Information
Installation systems (1059)
Installation systems (1059) fischer installation systems - for the reliable fixing of pipes, ventilation systems and cable systems More Information
Screws (1550)
Screws (1550) Screws for common and special applications in wood, interior fittings and drywall construction More Information