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fischer Middle East awards Trade Excellence 2018

fischer Trade Excellence Awards 2018

fischer MEA had hosted the “fischer Trade Excellence Awards 2018” on 2nd Feb 2019 at the H-Hotel, Dubai. The event had over 17 of the region’s top performing dealers participate with many rewarded for their exceptional performance. The event was highly appreciated by the dealers and our team at fischer MEA aims to keep up the momentum in achieving greater success in 2019 by working more closely with the local markets and taking the regional trade business to the next level

Labour Camp Safety Initiative

fischer is known for their innovation, accountability and reliability and we take it as our responsibility to train and spread the knowledge about safety to customers and their construction workers on-site by frequently coordinating and organization safety workshops with the clients for their workforce. This ensures that all products are used properly with their right application and also spread the knowledge about the common safety concepts and rules to be followed at a construction site.

HLG safety week

fischer's team in UAE recently conducted a week-long workshop on emphasizing general safety related issues along with safety procedures and precautions to be taken in handling chemical realted products and fixing of anchors at the HLG construction site in Dubai. To further motivate the construction workers, the team ran a week-long campaign complimenting the workshop where the workers were encouraged to take pictures of the different products, their applications and the best practices followed at their construction sites during the week and forward them to our team to be judged and the winner being awarded with a gift voucher.

Safety Seminar at the Clarks Industries - Bahrain

This seminar that was recently conducted at “Clark Industries” by our team at Bahrain was aimed at providing general safety information, knowledge about fischer products and how to correctly apply them.


fischer Soccer Tournament 2017

This competition that was hosted by fischer Middle East had 14 teams from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi participate in 2 separate tournaments. The tournament was hosted entirely by fischer with no participation required and the tournaments were well received by the participating teams which comprised of both contractors and consultants.

Speedex - The Fest

fischer Middle East frequently collaborates with its partners in events as sponsors, but unlike the Alec Cricket Tournament, fischer as a sponsor participated in “The Fest” organized by our Trade business partner Speedex. This event that  was held on the weekends for 3 weeks had fischer Middle East hold a booth, where D.I.Yers and families participated in small games and other activities arranged by the various sponsors holding a booth at the event.

Trade Excellence Awards 2016

The “Trade Excellence Awards Night 2016” took place at the H-Hotel in Dubai in Jan 2017. The event was arranged to appreciate the support of our various traders who have been loyal to fischer and have been selling fischer DIY and trade range of products in the market.