Corporate Social Responsibility

Spreading Smiles - Beyond Business

fischer, one of the leaders in the fixing industry considers CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral part of all corporates and believes that its responsibility to give back to society. In that aspect, fischer Middle East conducts various events and initiatives on a regular basis with the aim of spreading the smiles and happiness not only to customers and clients but also to the general public.
fischer cares

fischer cares

In today’s zoom fast world we do many activities in line with the changing requirements of work and with the advent of new technologies, we made ourselves far away from the core essence of being healthy & happy. Nothing to blame, it’s the need of the hour!

Doctors across the globe, state that one needs to have regular medical check-ups to keep track of their health and avoid major health incidents. Something very simple as visiting the doctor for a check-up can ensure that you are getting screened for diseases.

These check-ups could be quarterly, twice a year or yearly. These screenings can help every individual to detect any possible ailments or diseases that you are at risk for at their nascent stage making treatment far easier. Regular check-ups can help you increase your chances of treatment and help you find a cure in a more timely fashion.

Isn’t it correct that Health is Wealth and your health is more important for you & your family?!

We at fischer understand your world of working and we just don’t fix metal & concrete, we’re a socially responsible brand too. We care for the wellbeing of people whom we come across and fischer Cares is one step towards making a healthier tomorrow, we bring you the best of health checkup at your doorstep.

Al Noor Cookie Box Initiative

fischer Middle East has always been a regular supporter of Al Noor Training Institute for children with special abilities and supports them regularly by buying cookie boxes made by their local bakery and in-turn distributes these cookie boxes to their customers putting a smile in their daily lives.

Labour Camp Iftar Initiative

Ifter parties are a common way of maintaining and developing relationships with customers and clients in the Middle East during the month of Ramadan. But fischer Middle East decided to spread the smiles with more than just the customers. The fischer team in UAE arranged for Iftar food packages to be handed out to the on-ground construction workers at multiple labour camps spreading happiness to countless people.

Supporting children - Nurturing the future

fischer strongly believes in supporting and uplifting children and actively supports various non-profit organizations, schools for children with special abilities and more to help boost their confidence.

Amity University

This was one of fischer Middle East’s most recent CSR initiatives, taken to reach out to the soon to graduate students. By conducting this training workshop, we created a knowledge sharing platform for these promising undergraduate students to help motivate and prepare them for the corporate world. This was a unique opportunity for fischer to share our experiences and expertise with future candidates and also give back to the society.

Birthday Celebrations with Senses

fischer strongly believes sharing their happiness and smiles with children and actively supports various non-profit organizations and schools for children with special needs. As such fischer employees frequently celebrate their birthdays with children at Senses and the Al Noor Training Institute.

Junior Engineer Drawing Competition

The Junior Engineering Contest was a CSR activity conducted by fischer Middle East aimed at children back in late 2016. This initiative hope to encourage the creative aspect of children and to also help them realize their talents. The competition covering children across 4 schools involved over 400 children where the top 12 drawings were chosen as winners. These drawings were publicized by fischer through their 2017 calendar and the children were also awarded with prizes and received media coverage.

Supporting Public Initiatives - We care

fischer as a world leader in the fixing industry takes great pride in being part of and giving back to the society as part of our corporate social responsibility. By participating in the various public and governmental  non-profit initiatives on a regular basis, fischer Middle East strives to support a common cause and raise awareness to general issues in the region and worldwide.

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