Customer Relationship Events

CPD Training Programs

fischer Middle East frequently organizes CPD certified open seminars on various construction topics for engineers who are interested in expanding their portfolio.

On-Site Seminars

fischer Middle East considers customer satisfaction as one of our primary principles to ensure this, fischer's team in the Middle East frequently conduct short technical seminars and product demonstrations on-site at the customer's location on a wide range of topics. fischer also certifies the customers confirming their participation in the technical seminars.

Open-House Seminars


fischer Middle East conducts various large scale open house seminars on various topics quite often. These type of seminars are often held with the aim of creating a knowledge sharing platform and encourage networking between peers of the same industry. This also helps fischer further develop their relationships with professionals across the industry.

MEP and Firestop seminar in Dubai

This event was held at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Dubai. This hosted a technical presentation, hands-out product demonstration and applications for over 150 customers who attended the evening seminar that was followed by dinner.


Firestop and Samontec seminar in KSA

The firestop and Samontec seminar was hosted by fischer in KSA was held at the Rotana Hotel in Riyadh, which received over 120 customers who had the chance of participating in the technical seminar that covered a range of topics related to firestop and MEP with hands-on product demonstration and applications.

Ramadan Iftar Networking

Iftar Parties are one of the best opportunities in the Middle East that are conducted during the holy month of Ramadan that allows for organization in the region to create an avenue to develop and improve customer relations through networking.