How to protect against fire hazard?

19. May 2021 Products
fischer firestop product range

Fire is one of the most imminent and common threats in the built environment. The engineers must address the threat of Fire from the initial stage of the building project. In modern buildings, the fire life safety strategy contains two main principles, namely, 1. Active Fire Protection and 2. Passive Fire Protection. Active fire protection […]

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Guide to select the best Anchor Bolt

28. April 2021 Products
fischer Steel fixings

This article is dedicated to the anchor bolt selection guide. Anchor bolts are an essential fastener placed into a drilled hole and anchored by torque-controlled expansion, basically used to fasten two or more components together. There are various types of expansion anchor bolts and anchor bolt sizes designed for specific purposes. To select and choose […]

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A direct route to successful fastenings

27. April 2021 Products
Gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100

fischer’s new gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100 makes it easier and faster to install secure fastenings in concrete and steel. Nails are directly installed with a setting power of 100 joules without any drilling or dust, providing fast installation and a healthy work environment. The optimised ergonomic design, adjustable embedment death, wide range of […]

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