Gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100

A direct route to successful fastenings

27. April 2021

fischer’s new gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100 makes it easier and faster to install secure fastenings in concrete and steel. Nails are directly installed with a setting power of 100 joules without any drilling or dust, providing fast installation and a healthy work environment. The optimised ergonomic design, adjustable embedment death, wide range of compatible nails and many additional features increase the level of flexibility and comfort during application. The Li-ion battery increases productivity with over 8,000 fastenings per charge.

fischer Gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100.
fischer FGC 100.

According Simple and quick direct installation with the gas actuated fastening tool FGC 100 is the ideal option for any direction, including on floors, walls and ceilings whenever a large number of fastenings are required within a short space of time. The FGC 100 can be used in the electrical trade to quickly and reliably install wires, pipes, cables and clamps in concrete, sand-lime masonry, solid bricks and steel, for instance. The tool can be used for drywall construction to securely install profiles for partition walls and ceilings. It is also suitable for steel to steel connections in steel construc-tion, such as mounting steel profiles or sheets to steel substructures. The device is also a safe choice for temporary fixings and for transferring lightweight loads, such as in formwork construction.
A wide range of accompanying standard and high-performance nails by fischer optimise the safe application in concrete, steel and solid and sand-lime masonry. The interchangeable nose piece also expands the range of applications, with specialist variants available for installing insulation plugs or clamps for electrical installations. The energy performance of 100 joules provides precise insertion on the surface and reliable load-bearing capacity during installation. Just a few steps are sufficient: Simply place the setting tool vertically onto the work surface ensuring that the nose and stand support are touching the material, pull the trigger switch, and that’s it. The nail is placed with precision and safety, and all without drilling and drill dust, which enables safe and fast application for the installers.

FGC 100 Battery charger | Li-Ion battery
FGC 100 Li-Ion battery and charger

The nails can either sit flush with the surface or fully embedded. The nail depth switch helps installers precisely set the tool for various fastening tasks. Because the device is particularly well balanced and does not generate drill dust, it is ideal for overhead ceiling installations while being beneficial to health and safety. The special security mechanism ensures that the device only sets a nail when the nose piece is pressed against the surface while being simultaneously activated. A specialist cap protects the gas cartridge from any accidental leakages during transport. The fastening tool comes equipped with a high-power rechargeable battery with Lithium-Ion power that provides more than 8,000 fastenings per charge. The user-friendly nail push button makes it simple to load nails while the battery-LED status displays the remaining batter power and the device status. These advantages increase productivity and prevent any standstill on the construction site. Once the battery is depleted, a 10-minute charge is sufficient to place at least another 300 nails. A full charge takes 90 minutes under standard conditions. Full performance is guaranteed within a temperature range of -7°C to +50°C.
FGC 100 Standard nails
The quick release system allows the fast removal of the magazine and the clearance of any jammed nails. The device’s features also include an adjustable right and left-handed belt hook. The stand support is another component that provides optimum fastening by enabling right-angled alignment to the anchor base. The support can also be removed for use in narrow areas that are hard to access. The FGC 100 is supplied in the XL-BOXX, a practical kit for the secure transportation of electrical tools. The fischer XL-BOXX is fully compatible with the fischer L-BOXX.

fischer offers a device warranty, during which customers can access an all-round service which includes a repair service that offers repair and maintenance of the tool for the contractor. We also provide onsite training and product demonstrations for our customers.

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